Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Missing Link?

He seems so familiar...HA!
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Meanwhile at the Sydney Zoo...Power Napping

Couldn't help but admire the way this guy was power napping. He lives at the Toranga Zoo in Sydney.
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Drug Problems?

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"Since everything is but an apparition, Perfect in being what it is, Having nothing to do with what is good or bad, acceptance or rejection, One may well burst out in laughter."--Longchenpa

Monday, March 06, 2017


Only a thought, but the work it wrought,
Can never by tongue or pen be taught,
For it ran thru life like a thread of gold,
And the life bore fruit a hundred fold.
Only a word, but 'twas spoken in love,
With a whispered prayer to the Lord above,
And the Angels in Heaven rejoiced once more,
For a new-born soul entered thru the door.

Real Chicken?

Who said McNuggets are not made of real chicken?

ONE WORLD...We are all ONE!

Azalea Time is right around the corner...i'm lovin' it!


Good manners are the small coin of virtue.