Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I Love Mountains

Dear Joe,

The most important historic landmark in Appalachia is slated for destruction andwe need your help to save it. 

Last week, a federal judge threw out an appeal by a coalition of environmental and historic preservation organizations to re-list Blair Mountain on the National Register of Historic Places -- an effort that would have prevented mountaintop removal coal mining from destroying Blair Mountain.

Without these protections, coal mining could wipe out Blair Mountain and the historic battlefield forever. Take action now to protect Blair Mountain.

Coal mining behemoths, Arch Coal and Alpha Natural Resources, are moving forward with their plans to conduct mining on the Spruce Fork Ridge battlefield, the site of the largest organized armed uprising in American labor history.

The 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain was the culmination of a three-year struggle to unionize the coal mines of southern West Virginia and ended only when federal troops intervened on behalf of anti-union coal companies. There are few sites as significant as Blair Mountain and the bottom line is that protecting this invaluable and irreplaceable landmark is well within the administration's power, and the President is accountable to you.
So please, take this opportunity to tell the President how important it is to you that Blair Mountain be protected and demand his agencies use every means at their disposal to ensure it is not blasted off the map.

For the Mountains,
Matt Wasson