Friday, February 24, 2017

My Service

I've been blessed in my life to have been able to do many things. But maybe the best thing and definitely the most Noble thing  I've ever done was to serve My Country and My Community, the very community I grew up in. I joined the US Army and served 2 years and spent a 13 month deployment/tour of duty overseas during the last days of the Viet Nam War. When I got out they gave me a certificate that says my Service was Honorable. I love my Country and was proud to serve her. When I got home I joined the Brunswick County Sheriff's Dept. and spent 3 years in a Patrol Car with a badge and a gun serving my Community...Northern Brunswick County-the very place I grew up. It gave me an excellent opportunity to give back some of the love and kindness that had been shown to me growing up in Leland, NC. I was able to see some wonderful folks who had watched me grow up, watch me play little league and football. One time a call came into the Sheriff's         office and I got a call to go to some folks home that I had gone to Church with...their name was Lennon. When I got to their house Ms. Lennon met me at the door and took me to the bedroom where Mr. Spurgeon Lennon was in bed, and very sick. These folks had to be in their 80's by now, I had mowed their yard when I was a kid. They were simply good people and had treated me with kindness and compassion all my life. Ms. Lennon asked me if I would please pick up her husband and help him to the bathroom, help him to sit on the commode. As I carried him she was crying and kept thanking me for helping him. He was a very dignified man and just wanted to be able to sit down and use the bathroom. When we took our oath of office, we promised to protect and was my great honor to be able to serve these two lovely people. So you see, it came full circle and I was able to give back to my Community. You can read this story and many others just like this in my New Book--The Bozo Syndrome. Coming 2016
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