Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Sparrow

Father and son are sitting on a bench. Suddenly a sparrow lands across them. The old Father asks son, “What is that?” to which the son replies “A Sparrow” and looks back into his newspaper. After sometime his father again asks him “What is that”. A little annoyed, son replies “I just told you father, its a sparrow”.
Then, the sparrow flies to the other side and sits there. The father repeats his question “what is that?”. This time, son replies “A sparrow father, a sparrow…s-p-a-r-r-o-w……” and when again the father repeats his question, son is filled with anger and says “Why are you doing this Father? How many times I told you its a sparrow!!!”
Father gets up and goes into the house to take his old dairy. He comes back and asks his son to read a passage from the dairy, which goes like this “Today my youngest son, who a few days ago turned three, was sitting with me at the park when a sparrow sat in front of us. My son asked me 21 times what it was and I answered all 21 times that it was a sparrow. I hugged him every single time he asked me the same question again and again without getting mad, feeling affection for my innocent little boy.”

An Open Letter to McDonald's Wiki from Joe Maggard

First, let me just say this: Even though I have a covenant with McDonald's WorldWide, they have never and will never control my thoughts or my freedom to speak my mind. I served my Country and was deployed for 13 months overseas during the Viet Nam War and came home put on a badge and gun and served my hometown to earn that right and freedom. Now some of this bullshit that has been written and posted on the McDonald's Wiki by spineless keyboard cowboys like that moron FatWalt71 in Canada or the Leo Burnett bully Rich Seidelman the self appointed Ronald guru in Chicago is exactly that--BULLSHIT! Does anyone actually think McDonald's would bring a "photo double on 2 commercials" to the Golden Palace in Oakbrook and sign him to a Contract and give him a nice big check? Obviously, there has been some petty jealousy and envy by some of the lower ranked candy assed clowns due to the worldwide success of the Film RONALD and I understand and accept that. I have strong feelings about the Childhood Obesity pandemic and if even one single person on this planet saw our film and heard my voice and started making Healthy Choices or was inspired to follow their dreams in life--it was worth the time and effort and I was blessed and fortunate to do it. And by the way just so you know; I refused to accept any money or pay for the film. So now you know the "unknown reasons" that make me not a Ronald but THE RONALD.  Oh and one last thing with regard to these lunatics dressing as clowns and running around scaring or harming kids. Children are the most important and precious gifts that The Good Lord put in our lives or on this planet; so if anybody is harming a child you have my permission to shoot the SOB! My Very Best Regards, Joe

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Please Help New Zealand!

During this time of crisis, we want to make it as easy as possible for our community to help. Direct donations to The New Zealand Red Cross can be made here, or you can show your support through our Charity of the Year, an international disaster relief charity who specialise in emergency shelter: Shelterbox.
Aftershocks continue to disrupt search and rescue efforts in New Zealand after Tuesday’s 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit its second largest city and surrounding area of Christchurch.
The severe destruction has taken 98 lives, and 226 more are missing in the wreckage. There is a short window for rescue teams to pull victims from the rubble, provide medical care and shelter. Rescue teams have arrived from Australia, Asia, the US and Britain. The teams are evacuating whole suburbs under risk of cliff collapse.
Red Cross in New Zealand has sprung into action, providing first aid assistance and distributing blankets, water containers and tents to the displaced families. An evacuation centre has been opened for around 2,000 people and more temporary accommodation is likely to be needed.
After seeing such an effective response from you, our benevolent community, during the Pakistan Floods, we know you will be interested in doing your part and supporting our friends in New Zealand. Below is a list of Christchurch Earthquake appeals, which you could share with your family, friends and professional networks:

Please keep my Mates in New Zealand in your thoughts and prayers due to the recent earthquake

Now thats My kind of fishin'

Always heard fish tales bout em jumping in the boat with you...guess they were true after all.

Meanwhile in the Basement, a clumsy Ghost

Klan to Klown with Joe Maggard

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nobody knows when the last goodbye is...savor every moment!


Ready or not...Cold Weather tips

1. Wear layers of lightweight clothing to stay warm. Gloves and a hat will help prevent losing your body heat.

2. Don’t forget your pets - bring them indoors. If they can’t come inside, make sure they have enough shelter to keep them warm and that they can get to unfrozen water.

3. Protect your pipes - run water, even at a trickle, to help prevent your pipes from freezing. Open the kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Be sure to move any harmful cleaners and household chemicals out of the reach of children. Keep the garage doors closed if there are water lines in the garage.

4. Keep the thermostat at the same temperature day and night. Your heating bill may be a little higher, but you could avoid a more costly repair job if your pipes freeze and burst.

5. If you are using a space heater, place it on a level, hard surface and keep anything flammable at least three feet away – things such as paper, clothing, bedding, curtains or rugs.

6. Turn off space heaters and make sure fireplace embers are out before leaving the room or going to bed.

7. Never use a stove or oven to heat your home.

8. If you are using a fireplace, use a glass or metal fire screen large enough to catch sparks and rolling logs.

9. Use generators correctly – never operate a generator inside the home, including in the basement or garage.

10. Don’t hook a generator up to the home’s wiring. The safest thing to do is to connect the equipment you want to power directly to the outlets on the generator.