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John Dower: Ronald

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Fantastically shot film on the eighth man ever to play Ronald McDonald


In America, land of the free and home of the mascot, Ronald McDonald was and still is a revered flame-haired icon. Even in the UK, he’s a recognisable, albeit terrifying, beacon of our past where happy meals and smooth-bunned burgers were a rare Friday night treat.
Only nine men have officially played the part of Ronald McDonald, and this film created for The Guardian’s website speaks to the eighth man to play him, Joe Maggard. Produced and directed by John Dower, the short film brilliantly encapsulates the honour Joe feels having been able to play Ronald, explaining that you never truly retire from being the chain’s “chief happiness officer.” A bizarre, but oddly sweet portrait, the highlight is seeing Joe in full Ronald McDonald costume for the first time, and a lock of hair quivers every time he speaks.

John Dower: Ronald

John Dower: Ronald

John Dower: Ronald

John Dower: Ronald

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Road Less Traveled

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."--Robert Frost

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Make Healthy Choices=LIVE.LIFE.LONGER.


Shocking Statistics

By RonaldMcDonald 
Posted Sunday, October 03, 2004 on Ronald's Blog 
Discussion: Current Events
These facts? Uh, Not So Fun. 
1. Each day, 1 in 4 Americans visits a fast food restaurant 
2. In 1972, we spent 3 billion a year on fast food - today we spend more than 110 billion
3. McDonald's feeds more than 46 million people a day - more than the entire population of Spain 
4. French fries are the most eaten vegetable in America 
5. You would have to walk for seven hours straight to burn off a Super Sized Coke, fry and Big Mac 
6. In the U.S., we eat more than 1,000,000 animals an hour 
7. 60 % of all Americans are either overweight or obese 
8. One in every three children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime
9. Left unabated, obesity will surpass smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in America 
10. Obesity has been linked to: Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Adult Onset Diabetes, Stroke, Gall Bladder Disease, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea, Respiratory Problems, Endometrial, Breast, Prostate and Colon Cancers, Dyslipidemia, steatohepatitis, insulin resistance, breathlessness, Asthma, Hyperuricaemia, reproductive hormone abnormalities, polycystic ovarian syndrome, impaired fertility and lower back pain 
11. The average child sees 10,000 TV advertisements per year 
12. Only seven items on McDonald's entire menu contain no sugar 
13. Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald - he was fired for being too fat 
14. McDonald's distributes more toys per year than Toys-R-Us 
15. Diabetes will cut 17-27 years off your life 
16. McDonald's: "Any processing our foods undergo make them more dangerous than unprocessed foods" 
17. The World Health Organization has declared obesity a global epidemic 
18. Eating fast food may be dangerous to your health 
19. McDonald's calls people who eat a lot of their food "Heavy Users" 
20. McDonald's operates more than 30,000 restaurants in more then 100 countries on 6 continents 
21. Before most children can speak they can recognize McDonald's 
22. Surgeon General David Satcher: "Fast food is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic" 
23. Most nutritionists recommend not eating fast food more than once a month 
24. 40% of American meals are eaten outside the home 
25. McDonald's represents 43% of total U.S. fast food market 

A little trip in Support of the RMHC

   Lets take a little trip...In a town somewhere in America there is a family. The Dad's name is Jim, Mom is Sandy and they have three small children, April, Adam and baby Sarah. On this particular night the family is in a strange town because Sarah is very sick and in the hospital. Sarah needed to come to this town because this hospital treats the illness that she has. Jim and Sandy both work jobs but as you can imagine money is tight for this new family. The family is scared and worried about baby Sarah, but that's not their only problem. The family of course needs a place to stay while they are here. Hotel rooms for this family are going to run around $60-$100 a night, not counting food and gas while they are here. Adding to the problem of Sarah being ill, Jim and Sandy simply don't have the money to live in this town while their baby girl is being treated at the hospital. They don't have anyone to turn to for help in this situation. Or do they? A very kind nurse named Jill at the Hospital tells them they need to check out the local Ronald McDonald House. An answered prayer! Jim, Sandy and the kids visit the Ronald McDonald House and are welcomed with open arms. They are given a nice clean room to sleep in and even a kitchen to fix food in while they are here; all at no cost to them. The hospitality is warm and inviting, there are other folks here in the same situation who provide support to Jim, Sandy and the kids. They are able to stay and visit Sarah without having to worry about paying for a hotel room, which is a blessing sent directly from Above! When you buy a Happy Meal part of the price goes directly to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities. When you visit your local McDonald's and toss a few coins into one of those cannisters every penny goes to the RMHC. I thank You for your support, and you know what? I bet Jim, Sandy and the kids thank you too! My Very Best, Ronald