Monday, May 09, 2016

Cape Fear, The River I Grew Up On

Forget Who has What

We have all experienced times when we felt like we are better or worse than others: “I have less money than she does,” or “I’m smarter than he is.” But any of us on a spiritual path should know the importance of working on eliminating both self-praise and low self-esteem. 
We should never consider ourselves better or worse than anyone else, no matter what the circumstances. 

Life is about using exactly what we’ve been given to reveal as much Light as we are able in this exact moment. 
For instance, when we are on a spiritual path, we may have more tools to connect to the Light than someone else has. But the person with more tools also has more responsibility to reveal Light for himself and others. 

One way to stop the comparisons is to focus on the work we are here to do—the Light we are meant to reveal. If we are truly busy with doing our own specific work, we wouldn’t even be considering if we are greater than or inferior to anyone. 
Let’s not get distracted from our work with comparisons of who has what. 

On the spiritual path, we are all equal. Whenever we find ourselves feeling anything other than equal with others, let’s shift the focus and find a way to reveal Light at that moment with exactly what we’ve been given. 

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