Thursday, October 13, 2016


John Dower: Ronald

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Fantastically shot film on the eighth man ever to play Ronald McDonald


In America, land of the free and home of the mascot, Ronald McDonald was and still is a revered flame-haired icon. Even in the UK, he’s a recognisable, albeit terrifying, beacon of our past where happy meals and smooth-bunned burgers were a rare Friday night treat.
Only nine men have officially played the part of Ronald McDonald, and this film created for The Guardian’s website speaks to the eighth man to play him, Joe Maggard. Produced and directed by John Dower, the short film brilliantly encapsulates the honour Joe feels having been able to play Ronald, explaining that you never truly retire from being the chain’s “chief happiness officer.” A bizarre, but oddly sweet portrait, the highlight is seeing Joe in full Ronald McDonald costume for the first time, and a lock of hair quivers every time he speaks.

John Dower: Ronald

John Dower: Ronald

John Dower: Ronald

John Dower: Ronald