Thursday, November 17, 2016

An Open Letter to McDonald's Wiki from Joe Maggard

First, let me just say this: Even though I have a covenant with McDonald's WorldWide, they have never and will never control my thoughts or my freedom to speak my mind. I served my Country and was deployed for 13 months overseas during the Viet Nam War and came home put on a badge and gun and served my hometown to earn that right and freedom. Now some of this bullshit that has been written and posted on the McDonald's Wiki by spineless keyboard cowboys like that moron FatWalt71 in Canada or the Leo Burnett bully Rich Seidelman the self appointed Ronald guru in Chicago is exactly that--BULLSHIT! Does anyone actually think McDonald's would bring a "photo double on 2 commercials" to the Golden Palace in Oakbrook and sign him to a Contract and give him a nice big check? Obviously, there has been some petty jealousy and envy by some of the lower ranked candy assed clowns due to the worldwide success of the Film RONALD and I understand and accept that. I have strong feelings about the Childhood Obesity pandemic and if even one single person on this planet saw our film and heard my voice and started making Healthy Choices or was inspired to follow their dreams in life--it was worth the time and effort and I was blessed and fortunate to do it. And by the way just so you know; I refused to accept any money or pay for the film. So now you know the "unknown reasons" that make me not a Ronald but THE RONALD.  Oh and one last thing with regard to these lunatics dressing as clowns and running around scaring or harming kids. Children are the most important and precious gifts that The Good Lord put in our lives or on this planet; so if anybody is harming a child you have my permission to shoot the SOB! My Very Best Regards, Joe