Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ok, 10 things you absolutely don't need to know

1. In North Korea the number of Internet users is only 605.
2. Andre the Giant once drank 127 beers in a hotel bar, passed out in the lobby, and because he was so large, no one could move him till he woke up.
3. The location of the worlds largest tree, "Hyperion", is kept secret from all but a few select scientists.
4. In 2010, when Tokyo officials went to congratulate the oldest man in the City on his 111th birthday, they found instead a 30 year old skeleton. The family, as it turned out, was still drawing the pension he was still receiving.
5. The average Teacher salary in Switzerland in 2010 was $110,000 per year.
6. 60%(50 of 83) of the restaurants that appeared      on Kitchen Nightmares have been sold or shut down.
7. In Terminator 2, Schwarzenegger only spoke 700
                                                                                    words, and he was paid $15 million. That means that
                                                                                    "Hasta la vista Baby" cost $85,716.
                                                                                   8. The latin word for "old lady" is "anus."
                                                                                   9. The world produces enough food to feed                                                                                                  everyone. World agriculture produces 17% more                                                                                          calories today than it did 30 years ago, despite a                                                                                          70% population increase. This is enough to provide
                                                                                   everyone in the world with at least 2,720 kilocalories
                                                                                   per person per day.
                                                                                   10. Adwaita, the worlds oldest tortoise that died                                                                                          only 6 years ago, was born 26 years before the                                                                                            signing of the Declaration of Independence.