Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Doc Magg's Medical Dictionary

 1. Artery-- The study of painting.
 2. Bacteria-- Back door of the cafeteria.
 3. Barium-- What doctors do when patients die.
 4. Caesarian Section-- A neighborhood in Rome.
 5. Cat Scan-- Searching for a kitty.
 6. Cauterize-- Made eye contact with her.
 7. Colic-- A sheep dog.
 8. Dilate-- To live long.
 9. Enema-- Not a friend.
10. Fester-- Quicker
11. G.I. Series-- A soldiers ball game.
12. Impotent-- Distinguished, well known.
13. Labor Pain-- Getting hurt at work.
14. Medical Staff-- A doctors cane.
15. Morbid-- A higher offer.
                                  16. Nitrates-- Cheaper than day rates.
                                  17. Node-- Was aware of.
                                  18. Pap Smear-- A fatherhood test.
                                  19. Pelvis-- A cousin of Elvis.
                                  20. Post Operative-- A letter carrier.
                                  21. Recovery Room-- A place to do re-upholstery
                                  22. Rectum-- Dang near killed em.
                                  23. Seizure-- A roman emperor
                                  24. Terminal Illness-- Getting sick at the airport.
                                  25. Tumor-- More than one.
                                  26. Urine-- Opposite of your out.
                                  27. Varicose-- Nearby
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