Sunday, July 09, 2017


It’s hard to remember that the Light is always with us. It’s easy to have certainty during the good times, but in the moments that seem dark or difficult, we can forget the Light is there still. Consider a situation where a man misses his flight. Maybe he is furious because he has so many things to do at his destination and so many are depending on him. Little does he know that his soul mate is sitting next to him as he waits, desperate to get on a standby flight. Now, if he becomes angry or depressed, sulking in a situation he sees as horrible, he can become so consumed that he may never notice the woman sitting to his left. If he chooses instead to be proactive and to seek the Light in this situation, if he surrenders to the situation remembering to trust and appreciate that the Light is working on his behalf, he might choose to strike up a pleasant conversation with the woman next to him. It is in fact in moments like these, the ones that are really chaotic or distressing to us, that our greatest blessings are hiding. When we choose not to be reactive and have certainty in the order of the universe, we can discover the real reason why it is happening. One sage would always tell his students, “This too is for the best,” no matter what was happening. The Creator intends only what is best for us. Always.