Thursday, July 20, 2017

Never the Owners

 “Nothing in this world is really ours. Even if we work for something, what we receive as a result is not really a possession… We should see everything in this world as if it came from heaven.”

It’s a powerful concept, isn’t it? Nothing we receive in the world, nothing we are born with for that matter, really belongs to us. We are merely a receiver for all we are blessed with and it is our job to change from being a cup to being a straw – sharing those blessings – our money, our time, our love, our friendship, our talent – in the best ways that we can. 

When we begin to believe we are the source of the blessings in our lives and that we deserve or single-handedly created all that we have, we are in essence saying we don’t need the Creator. And with that consciousness we disconnect ourselves from the Light. The Light only rests where there is a true desire for it.

The way to receive more Light is to share the Light that we have. To truly live this wisdom means we start viewing ourselves as the managers of our blessings instead of the owners. Then we can become a channel for the Light of the Creator!

It’s such a dramatic shift in our consciousness and not easy to do, but the results of the effort are worth it. 

We are never the owners, just the managers.