Friday, July 28, 2017


There is an energy available  that assists us in revealing the totality of who we are, the parts of ourselves that we try to cover up with a mask. 

Every day, we put on pretenses so we can avoid feeling pain or emptiness, and it’s the job of our ego to tell us our mask works for us. Maybe we are someone who makes a lot of jokes to avoid serious conversation or maybe our guise is one of being “unaffected,” pretending we don’t care about other people’s opinions when in reality every slight criticism comes as a crushing blow. 

No matter what our cover, it’s always hiding the same thing: The truth. 

If we cover up our fears, our insecurities, our not so pretty thoughts and intentions, we can’t face and overcome them. When we are honest about the qualities in ourselves that we don’t like, we are no longer bound or blocked by them.

Take the time to ask yourself two questions of vital importance: “What am I trying to hide? …And what mask do I use?”

Our mask is what separates us from the Light. 

The more we break open the facade, the more room we make for Light! 

Imagine a day without a need for our masks. No fears or false personas. No holding back and no wanting approval from anyone! 

The truth can set you free.