Wednesday, August 09, 2017

I Love Mountains

Dear Joe,

Last month, we wrote to ask you to send a comment to the EPA, and to tell them to stand firm on proposed new rules that would protect our nation's streams from the effects of mountaintop removal coal mining.
In just two weeks, more than 8,200 comments were submitted to the EPA -- an amazing show of strength that will have a critical impact on the EPA's final decision.
It's responses like that, from people like you, that have made 2010 a pivotal year in the movement to end mountaintop removal coal mining.

Every time we've asked, you and more than 47,000 people like you have taken action -- spreading the word among friends, speaking up to Congress, sending in comments to regulatory agencies, and making sure the world knows that the days of destroying mountains for cheap coal are numbered.
That support has made a tremendous difference. In the past year:
  • We've grown our ranks by more than 20%.
  • We've sent more than 160,000 letters to Congress, the Senate, and Executive agencies.
  • Thousands of ordinary citizens have traveled to Washington or visited with their representatives during in-district visits.
And all that effort paid off:
  • The Environmental Protection Agency has taken unprecedented steps towards protecting waterways impacted by mountaintop removal.
  • The Army Corp of Engineers has discontinued its Nationwide Permit 21, which allowed for fast-track approval of mountaintop removal valley fill permits.
  • And we end the 111th Congress with a record 173 cosponsors for the Clean Water Protection Act, which would help keep mining waste out of our streams.
None of this would have been possible without your continued support.
Thank you for doing everything you can to help end mountaintop removal coal mining.
Matt Wasson