Saturday, June 10, 2017

My FreeBird

He truly was a freebird! I kept him in the cage he is sitting on
for many years...then one day I left the door open, came out and there he sit--on top of his cage. HA! Well, I figured he was gone for sure. He flew up on top of the house and I said goodbye to him. I had taught him
to give me five by slapping his wing against my hand "gimme five" I would say to him. The little guy was now the proverbial free as a bird. Little did I know that this was home to him and he wasn't going anywhere! He lived the rest of his days able to stretch his wings and fly anytime he wanted. He had a best friend in my Rottie and would ride around on the dog's back...I have pics of this strange relationship between a dove and a rottie. His eyes were red and he was light as a feather. He had no fear and that was to be his downfall I'm afraid. He would just land anywhere in the yard he wanted. A feral cat got him while I was gone. I have no doubt the little guy put up a fight but alas the cat won. I found a few of his feathers and kept them. I loved him very much and miss him dearly. Sometimes I'll ask my dog Ruger where's
Little Guy, she'll look around for him. I know she remembers him fondly, we both do! Freebird...

taken from my upcoming book--The Bozo Syndrome
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