Friday, April 07, 2017

Please Support Ronald McDonald House at your local McDonald's

Just imagine, your child is ill and in the hospital. You are in a strange city or town and your funds are limited; which by the way can happen. You are welcomed with open arms at a RMH and are able to stay in the same city as your sick child at NO cost to you. Would this not be a blessing sent from above? How can anyone even attempt to put a figure on staying with an ill child when it is vital to that child's health? This is what the RMHC is all about, and every penny you put into one of those canisters at McDonald's goes to the RMHC. In my humble opinion, the world needs more kindness and compassion between ALL people that inhabit our planet. So please find it in your heart to just drop in a coin or two or whatever you can spare when you visit McDonald's. I think that you can do this simple thing and make a huge difference in some suffering family's life and quite simply help them out. We can all make a difference, LIVE TO LOVE! Best, Joe