Tuesday, March 28, 2017

From McDonald's Corporate Social Responsibility Blog

From Bob Langert and the good folks in CSR at McDonald's:

We want your eco-vote. Vote now. And encourage your friends to vote.

We have just published the McDonald's 2009 Global Best of Green, a collection of 80+ environmental best practices with "double green" benefits, and we'd love to know which innovations really strike a chord with you.

By "double green," I mean that these initiatives have a dual benefit: helping to protect our environment and helping our business, by either making us more efficient or connecting us with consumers on an issue we mutually care about.

You can vote on your favorite best practice by checking out the virtual book or by downloading the pdf version. There are not many organizations like McDonald's where such a diverse set of best practices can be collected and shared. We are in 118 different countries and we're very decentralized by design, with almost 6,000 independent owner-operators running local businesses. So you can imagine the amount of innovation.

I just voted myself and will reveal my favorite when the voting polls close later this month.

My larger "vote," however, is a vote to recognize environmental efforts as core to the responsibility of any business, including ours. Additionally, we are all in this together. Some environmental initiatives involve the public, like "One Meal, One Napkin" (page 27). Many involve our supplier community. All in all, as a larger society, we are not going to continue to make "green" mainstream if all of us are not engaged.

- Bob

Posted May 19, 2009 12:37 PM
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Posted By: Joe Maggard (24/05/2009 6:35:24 PM)
Comment: While I love many of the great ideas being used by McDonald's and their supplies to make a difference in the future of our planet. My Vote will have to go to Tally Oteiwi and the Water Convervation in Australia. Very simply, when we can visibly see that over a 20 year period, "water tanks can save almost 4 million liters of water."...WOW! As we have discussed before, our lives are impacted by water in so many different ways, how can we NOT do everything in our power to save and conserve clean fresh water? Our very lives and the lives of our children depend on it. Great Work Tally Oteiwi! LIVE TO LOVE, Best...Joe